New Electrical Installations

New Electrical Installations


Whether you’re breaking ground on a new home in the Middlesex and Monmouth county areas, perhaps seeking to remodel a current home, or adding new big appliances, Lee Perrella Electric is equipped for all of your new electrical installations. We are a preferred contractor in the Central New Jersey region for both new construction and restoration projects thanks to our skilled team of licensed and certified electricians who are experienced in managing new electrical installations from start to finish.

Thanks in part to a rebounding economy and a flood of new high-tech appliances on the market, we’ve had a lot of residential customers call us about new electrical installations. That’s because large appliances, even if they’re installed with the sole purpose of saving electricity (such as with the recent influx of ENERGY STAR washers, dryers, and HVAC equipment), have specific electrical needs that makes having a professional electrician on hand during the installation a safe asset, as a professional install protects your new investment and your home. Our teams is adept at working with nontraditional wiring setups in addition to running direct lines to create new dedicated power situations. The following are a few of the more common installation requests we get:

  • Air conditioning unit
  • Home security technology and media device
  • Water heater — solar, tank, and tankless 
  • Washing and dryer machine
  • Heating equipment
  • Heavy workshop tool  — e.g. welding equipment and tables saws swallow up power and require dedicated electrical wiring
  • New lighting and ceiling fan 
  • Dedicated home theatre and work office 
  • And much more

While you may be tempted to install some of these appliances and new electrical units on your own, please be aware of the risks involved. The improper installation of electrical devices causes thousands of fires and hundreds of serious injuries annually due to a misunderstanding of electrical loads and the state of a building’s current electrical system.

Don’t be a statistic. Contact us today at Lee Perrella Electric and our affordable, licensed, and certified electricians will be quickly sent to your location to ensure your new electric install gets completed correctly.



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