Electric Repair

Many New Jersey residents live in older homes that weren’t built to handle today’s electrical requirements. Even many newer homes aren’t often built to meet growing families are those individuals with electric-heavy hobbies, such as woodworking and computers. In these types of situations, it’s common for homeowners to experience sudden outlet malfunctions, breaker trips, and other electricity issues that require prompt electrical repair. This makes having a reliable electrician on hand to handle all electrical repairs and needed electrical service upgrades a necessity.

Comprehensive Electrical Repair Services

If you require the services of a licensed electrician to assist with the repair of new or existing electrical equipment, Lee Perella can help. As a skilled electrical contractor, we offer comprehensive electrical repair and servicing for all of your building’s electrical needs. This includes repairing:

  • Broken wall sockets
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting problems
  • Malfunctioning breaker panel
  • Issues with an outdoor sound system
  • Bad basement wiring
  • Replacing specialty light bulbs
  • Resolving an electrical code violation
  • Malfunctioning 220 range and dryer outlets
  • Troubleshooting a non-working range or dryer
  • Short circuiting pool and spa wiring
  • Other short-circuiting wires
  • And much, much more


Having a reliable electrician you trust is a must for home safety. Safety and working electricity keeps your family happy and your home running smoothly. Below are some of the various repairs we have done. More examples are on our work page. So if you’re in need of sudden electrical repairs, schedule an appointment with the electrician New Jersey homeowners trust to get the job done right. Contact Lee Perrella today at 917-626-6872.


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