Ceiling Fan Installations

ceiling fan installations

Ceiling fan installations are rarely as simple and straightforward as one would expect. This is a more advanced project and shouldn’t be attempted by the novice homeowner as it requires a number of precision steps to ensure personnel safety and the building’s integrity. It takes an electrician with extensive knowledge and experience in ceiling fan installations to ensure every step is enacted correctly.

Ceiling Fan Installations Important Steps:

  • Assessing the current electrical box.  

    It’s not as simple as hanging a new fixture from any given electrical box. In most cases, the old electrical box will have to removed with the existing light and fan fixture. The existing cutout for the electrical box can be utilized without cutting an additional opening in your ceiling to ensure that the necessary electrical box is a snug and safe fit.
  • Selecting a sound place to install a support brace.  

    A new ceiling fan will require a special brace with arms long enough to reach ceiling joists on either side or be attached directly to the joist. Because you can weaken your ceilng’s integrity with excess drilling and cutting, it’s vital to ensure that the placement is correct before beginning with the install.
  • Connecting all wires correctly.  

    The electrical wires will be a major component of the install during the setting up of the mounting bracket and inner fan motor. Ensuring that all of the electrical wiring is appropriately connected to your home’s electrical system is a complex and potentially dangerous job that is best completed by a professional.

In short, when you need ceiling fan installations, you need the professionals. Lee Perrella Electric is New Jersey’s go-to electrician thanks to our:

  • Attention to detail.  Ceiling fans are a unique cooling device that also add a desirable look to a given space. At Lee Perella, we know that clean looks require clean installs. We guarantee all fans will be installed flush with the ceiling with blades perfectly balanced for efficient, quiet operation.
  • Trained and Licensed.  Continual training paired with a 37 year history of ceiling fan installations ensures that your install will be done according to code for safe and reliable operations.

To learn more or to schedule a ceiling fan installation, contact Lee Perrella Electric today.


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