Residential Electrician Services

Residential Electrician

From new construction to alterations and renovations, service upgrades and the replacement hazard prone Federal Pacific circuit breaker panels. Lee Perrella Electric has you covered for all your residential electrician needs. Don’t feel comfortable installing that new ceiling fan on your own? Your not alone. We can install that new ceiling fan so you don’t have to worry about which wire goes where.

Want to add more light to your home?

Lee Perrella Electrical Contractor will help you make your home look bright and modern with recessed lighting.

Want to be prepared for the next storm to hit?

We also install all types of generator systems from basic portable to stand alone whole house generators. Upgrading existing lights to brighter and more efficient LED lighting and even pools and hot tubs.

Remember if you need help with your next electrical project or renovation around your home call the experts at Lee Perrella Electric because Loose Wires Cause Fires. Call or fill out the form to schedule a free estimate.

Here is a list of residential electrician services that we provide:


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