Recessed Lighting Installation

recessed lighting installation

Interior lighting is an essential component to a beautiful, and well functioning home. One of the more popular types of lighting is recessed lighting. This type of lighting can significantly improve the style and class of any room with alluring ambient light. Working with a professional electrician like Lee Perrella will ensure that you get the best lighting scheme for your home and enjoy the recessed lighting you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of recessed lighting in your home:

  • Cost efficient.  Recessed L.E.D. lights are composed of more energy-efficient components and typically operate at a lower voltage than other traditional lighting options that results in them being a more economical lighting solution.
  • Customizable.  We can match this lighting to meet any space and trim needs you have. For instance, you might choose a more reflective surface comprised of simple metals or go for a highly decorative trim design.
  • Functional.  While most people opt for recessed lighting due to it being an ideal choice for mood lighting, this style of lighting should be typecasted for just its ambiance feature. With careful planning it can also serve as the perfect task lighting to brighten up a home office, kitchen or garage, or as accent lighting to showcase a favorite art piece.

To learn more about how recessed lighting might be the perfect addition to your home’s interior, or to schedule a recessed lighting installation, contact Lee Perrella Electric.


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