The Best Outdoor Light Fixtures – Tips You Need To Know!

The Best Outdoor Light Fixtures – Tips You Need To Know!

The total market of the home design industry is on track to be worth over 12 billion dollars by 2022.

What that means is that more people are looking to pump up the look, feel and value of their homes through beautiful design aesthetics.

One of the most overlooked ways to maximize a home’s design is through outdoor light fixtures. With outside light fixtures, you can boost your home’s curb appeal. You can also add a splash of sophistication to your backyard area.

Our team at Lee Perrella Electric have put together this list of some of the best outdoor light fixtures tips you need to know!

1) When Shopping for Fixtures, Make Sure they Aesthetically Match Your Home

With outdoor light fixtures, both form and function are essential. From a function standpoint, you want to make sure they provide adequate lighting. With form, they need to look great during the daytime when they’re turned off.

In order to make sure your light fixtures are an aesthetic fit for your home, start by focusing on color. Make sure that the color of your fixture does not clash with the tone your home.

For example, copper looks great with paint colors that are earth-toned. Iron fixtures, on the other hand, can look excellent with a wide array of colors.

2) Consider Power Consumption

When lighting the outside of your home, the bulbs you use will have implications on your energy bill. They will also determine how often you’ll need to tend to them.

So what are the best light bulbs for outdoor use?

There’s no one size fits all solution for this given varying tastes, but consider going with LED bulbs.

LED bulbs utilize a very small amount of energy in comparison to other bulb types. They also last a long time which means you can set them up and forget about them!

3) Your Lighting Should Accent, Not Flood Your Outdoor Space

When shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures, you want to make sure you don’t go too big. For optimal design aesthetic, your outdoor lighting should accent your doorway, not flood it (unless you’re lighting purely for security reasons).

The same goes for lighting your driveway or other external areas of your home. Having flood lights outside can be unflattering and uncomfortable to be under. Try and strike a balance between light and shadows for optimal effect.

4) Consider Your Experience with Electrical Work Prior to Trying DIY

Some lights are very easy to install yourself. These include solar powered lights you use to line your driveway or suspended fixtures that aren’t directly connected to your home’s internal wiring.

For installing new fixtures that are attached to your internal wiring, proceed with caution. Electrical work can be dangerous. Even if you perform it safely, you could cause damage to your home by fiddling with wires and that may lead to steep electrical costs.

When in doubt about installing outside light fixtures, consult an electrical professional.

Wrapping Up Best Outdoor Light Fixtures Tips

Outdoor lighting can give a home an incredible pop of appeal. In order to make sure you have the best outdoor light fixtures, make sure the color and aesthetic of your fixtures match your home’s existing motif. Also look to accent your home rather than flood it with light, and pick bulbs that don’t require a lot of power and maintenance.

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