How To Design the Best Kitchen Lighting

How To Design the Best Kitchen Lighting

Although it can seem like an insignificant detail when first designing your kitchen, lighting truly makes all the difference. The kitchen is the workplace of the home and needs to be properly lit both for our safety and for our mood!

The psychology behind it is proven. The lights in a room actually have the power to change our mood– for better or for worse. This means that your old fixtures or burnt-out bulbs could be damaging your daily disposition in a real way.

But let’s face it- we’re not all interior designers or anywhere near that persuasion. Not to fear, we’re here to help!

If you feel that the lights in your kitchen are a little too bright, a little too dim, or just plain outdated, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for some great ideas about how to design the best kitchen lighting.

Let’s get started!


Get Creative

If you have a dining table in your kitchen area, get creative with the fixture choice above it. Try an airy fixture with lots of volume.

This option will look like a light, floating sculpture and will give your kitchen table a modern, elegant flair.


Keep Safety in Mind When Considering Lighting

Although elegance and a pleasant design are important, safety should be your top priority in the kitchen. In fact, thirty-six percent of all knife-related injuries are caused by kitchen or cooking knives.

Keep yourself and your family safe by ensuring that the lights in your kitchen are bright enough to prevent injury. While super dim lights are great for the living room or bedroom, no one likes to chop veggies in the dark!

Make sure that you have direct overhead lighting where you prepare meals to avoid any shadows. And check out different light bulbs, like LED options, to make sure things are properly lit.


Mix It Up

If you enjoy a cozy vibe in your kitchen, try mixing things up with your fixtures. If you like one item from a company’s collection, pick out a few more too.

After all, why choose just one if you can have it all? Different fixture sizes and hanging heights will add a fun flair to your kitchen. If there’s one place in your home to focus on a casual, mix-and-match mood, the kitchen is it!


Add in Accents

Got some lovely art on your kitchen walls? Show it off! Adding in accent lights is a great way to not only highlight your lovely decor but also to give your kitchen some dimension.

You could also try adding strip lights underneath your counters for a neat glow, or some tiny lights in cabinets to show off that fine china and crystal stemware.


Time to Get Started!

Don’t put off your kitchen’s lighting design any longer. You and others in your home will surely appreciate it!

Just remember to keep safety in mind, and to not be afraid to get creative and mix things up. Whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy is best.

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