How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Ceiling Lights

How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Ceiling Lights

According to research, the intensity of light in your environment could have an impact on the intensity of your emotions.

If that’s true, then the lighting you choose for your home is extremely important, as we all want to have a happy home!

On top of that, each room needs to create a different ambiance because it has a different function.

How can you pick the right kitchen ceiling lights to create the ambiance you’re going for?

Read on for some illuminating tips!


Pick the Mood

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook, it’s the heart of the home. You can most likely recall many memories in the kitchen, from when you were growing up.

You want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, but it needs to be practical too.

When choosing your kitchen ceiling lights, remember these four points:

  1. Practicality– Lighting needs to illuminate your workspace so you can complete the needed kitchen tasks.
  2. Decorative– Lighting can be more than practical, but stylish too. The purpose is to add interest and bling to the kitchen!
  3. Ambiance– Gentle light that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  4. Depth– Lights under counters, in cabinets and other nooks adds depth to your kitchen.

You also need to take note of the overall design of your kitchen (unless your totally renovating it). Choose lighting that will make a statement yet match the surroundings.


Lighting Locations

Practically, in the kitchen, one light hanging from the ceiling is not enough. Lights can be incorporated into several other areas of your kitchen

Install lights underneath base cabinets. These toe-kick lights illuminate the floor, adding ambiance. They even double as a nifty night light.

Another practical place is under the kitchen wall cabinets. These lights are super practical as they cast much-needed light on your counter, which will allow you to prepare your food in a safe, bright environment.

If you have a groove under the lip of your countertop, lights can be installed. This is also very practical as they will help you to see into dark drawers and cupboards.

Add a cabinet glow. Glass fronted cabinets and open shelving, displaying your dinnerware collections, look really pretty when lit up from the inside.


Styles and Trends

Kitchen lights have come a long way since the traditional bulb. There are several lighting styles you can choose from, depending on the unique style your going for.

Retro “Edison Bulbs” look totally trendy hung over the kitchen island or table. They are great for mood lighting, but not bright enough during preparation and cooking.

For another retro look, why not try bulkhead lights? They are mostly used outdoor or in commercial spaces but can give retro vibes to your kitchen.

Antique, vintage style lighting makes a real statement in an otherwise modern kitchen. Oversized pendant lights set in glass, steel or even wicker give a stylish mid-century look.

Kitchen downlights or spotlights are quite a traditional look in the modern kitchen. For a bold statement, go for a bursting ceiling light fixture or a traditional chandelier, if your kitchen is big enough.

If you’re lucky enough to have a skylight or cathedral inspired ceiling, long triangular pendant lights can bring out that gorgeous feature, without overshadowing it.

If you’re into DIY, why not create a farmhouse look with mason jars?

Art can also be incorporated into lighting. Canvases, framed photographs and other pieces on your kitchen walls can also have interesting light fixtures.

As you can see, there are so many styles to choose from, and we’ve only just scratched the surface!


Choosing the Right Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Choosing the right kitchen ceiling lights is key to creating the right mood and atmosphere for your family home.

Whether you choose to make a bold statement or a subtle minimal look, your kitchen will look fabulous if you’ve followed our guide.

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Remember as with any electrical project around the home, if your not sure how to proceed, call an expert to help. It’s not worth the risk of serious injury.