Generator Installation

generator installation

Are you considering a generator installation for your home? The occasional blackouts is nothing new, but major storms over the past couple years have emphasized the growing importance of reliable electrical power. Especially since many scientists predict that storms are going to become more powerful over the coming years due to climate changes and growing population shifts. New Jersey experienced this not too long ago when Hurricane Sandy thrashed through the Northeast, disrupting power for over 8 million residents and leaving many people homeless and powerless as temperatures dropped.

It is largely due to these increasing hurricanes and blizzard-rife weather that generator manufacturers have ramped up production of stand-by generators. This surge of market models has significantly dropped prices and made standby generator installation more feasible than ever by home and business owners.

Here’s what you should know if you’re considering a generator installation for your Home in Monmouth County:

What Standby Generators Are and How They Work

Standby generators are the ideal solution for extended outages. Unlike small portable units, standby generators are installed permanently on a concrete pad in your yard and are directly connected to the building’s electrical panel.

When power goes out, the system automatically disconnects the building from the utilty service and starts up the generator using its requisite external fuel supply, such as diesal, liquid propane, or natural gas. Once municipal power resumes, the standby generator will automatically shut off and the system will reconnect the building to the utility grid.

Who Benefits from a Standby Generator

This automatic switch and resulting seamless operation makes standby generations the ideal choice for families with small childrens and seiniors as it enables the uninterrupted use of critical electric-powered medical devices and equipment. These standby generators are also a must for the more than 38 million individuals who own and run a home-based business, wherein a day or two without power can mean a bad financial hit.

Portable Generators

An economical alternative, portable generators give you the flexibility to be able to store it in one location such as a shed or garage and still be able to bring it closer to your electric panel and simply plug it into a power inlet box. You have the option to have a wired in dedicated sub panel with selected critical circuits or you can have a legally installed back feed breaker and choose which circuits in your house to power up when you need them. This is a economical solution for budget conscious consumers.

Why Professional Generator Installation is Important

Electricity can be very dangerous, and it’s easy for amateurs to get hurt or damage property when they’re trying something new. There have been cases when an amateur wires in a generator to an existing system and back feeds the utility line and can hurt or kill a utility worker during a blackout or storm event. A professional electrician like Lee Perrella will be able to accurately assess your home’s electrical load requirements and work out the right logistics of installing a standby generator on your property. This is a project that requires advanced electrical and plumbing skills (especially if working with natural gas) and requires building permits and inspections once completed.

So skip the headaches, and contact Lee Perrella for your generator installation.

Generator Installation

Lee Perrella has installed many generators over the years. They specialize in Generac Generators. Below are some generator images of jobs that we have completed.


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