Commercial Electrical Services

Every business needs a skilled commercial electrician on hand for installation projects, upgrades, and emergency repairs. These are electrical commercial services that require far more expertise than the general home electrical repair and can often have a direct impact on the owner’s business profits. 

Commercial Electrical Improvements

Business owners who are leasing a building or are remodeling a building to make it more suitable for their business often require the services of an electrician as they retrofit the space. This includes everything from a simple outlet installation to a complete lighting renovation. Whatever your needs for your current (or future business), Lee Perrella has the experience and skills to help you achieve the perfect electrical framework to assist in your success.

Commercial Electrical Safety and Security

Why hire a licensed electrician when you might be able to do the electrical yourself? Because hiring a skilled and insured electrician will ensure all jobs are done safely to protect yourself and your employees. Lee Perrella Electric is also experienced in assisting with those special electrical needs related to security systems. This includes installing, repairing, and upgrading safety equipment like backup generators, motion detectors, security lights, and much more.

Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

Lee Perrella Electric will ensure that you not only enjoy the highest quality products and commercial electrical services, but that you also save money while dong so with a thorough energy audit. In an effort to reduce national energy usage, the United States government has begun issuing an umber of federal tax credits and rebates to business owners and homeowners who choose lower energy appliances and lighting. At Lee Perrella Electric, we’ll help you sort through the options so that you can make the best, most cost-effective and energy saving electrical solutions for you. Should you have issues with electrical building codes, Lee Perrella Electric is here to straighten things out and clear you with local municipal agencies.

Are you in need of special commercial electric services? Whether you need to add a new set of commercial lights or upgrade a system to meet with local codes, you can call Lee Perrella Electric for fast, efficient, and quality electrical work. We are New Jersey’s top pick when it comes to reliable and quality electrical work.



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