The Best Ceiling Fan Trends of 2018

The Best Ceiling Fan Trends of 2018

On a beautiful day when your home keeps that perfect temperature and only needs some air circulation, or at a time when you want a refreshing breeze in select rooms, you want to fire up your best ceiling fan.

As practical as they are, ceiling fans are often seen as dated. But there’s happy news from interior designers: 2018 is bringing back stylish ceiling fans in a big way.

To have the best of both worlds, brush up on the latest ceiling fan trends below.


Best Ceiling Fan Trends of 2018

Installing a ceiling fan can be a great asset if you follow any of these trends:

Metallic Materials

Instead of a traditional ceiling fan with wooden or painted blades, a metallic fan is perfect for any home with a modern design. Nickel is a particularly popular option this year.

If a fully metal ceiling fan isn’t in your budget, you could look for one that’s painted with metallic paint.

Unconventional Blade Counts

One of the easiest ways to get away from the hum-drum of a traditional fan is to stray from the classic 4-blade and 5-blade models.

All you need to do is look at the number of manufacturers who are making 3-blade or 8-blade models to see that this trend is in demand.

Oversized Fans

If you have a large room or a large four-season room, a huge fan can be a great addition to your design. A fan that’s too small will make your interior look dated, but finding a huge fan that fits the space well has the opposite effect.

Sculptural Fans

One of the most notable design trends in this decade is to combine utility with art, and ceiling fans are happy to participate.

Sculptural fans are ceiling fans that look more like sculptures than cooling devices, turning your ceiling fan into an artistic accent.

Reclaimed Wood

A design trend that’s been growing throughout the 2010s and continues to grow in 2018 is the industrial rustic look, which has the aesthetic of modern “found art.”

If that’s the style you’re aiming for, a ceiling fan made with reclaimed wood can be the perfect addition. Depending on your tastes, the reclaimed wood is often combined with rod iron or another industrial metal.

As an added bonus, reclaimed wood sometimes comes with a story behind it.

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans

As we become more environmentally conscious, using more efficient residential lighting has become more of a priority. Rest assured that you can have a stylish look while reducing your carbon footprint.

There are companies who specialize in energy-efficiency in their ceiling fans, but most major manufacturers also have eco-friendly models, like those that use LED lighting.

When You Find Your Ceiling Fan

Finding the best ceiling fan for each desired area of your home is a matter of patience and knowing what you want. But what’s also important is making sure it’s installed in a safe, high-quality way.

When you’ve found your perfect ceiling fan call our ceiling fan installation experts to schedule your professional installation.